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Rapid Design Course Templates

One of the most useful things I came across at the annual OLC Conference in was a presentation by Instructional Designer Will Turek from Kent State on their development and deployment of Rapid Design Course Templates.

The main scenario he presented sounded very familiar to one at UAA Campus, which is a new faculty needing a quick solution to deploy an online course soon before a semester starts (for a myriad of reasons).

Turek emphasized in the presentation that that they don’t want to create a cookie-cutter course, but something tangible and valuable from which to work. In his purpose document he states that:

“By providing a “pre-­made” course structure, time and effort can be spent on more meaningful tasks to instructors such as creating high quality course content.”

Like UAA, work with his ID/Distance Ed office or use these templates are not required or centralized. One of the ways his office prioritizes ID services is an agreement with the instructors that choose to use it to assist them with the template deployment and further design.

Self-enroll in the (Creative Commons-licensed) Coursesite here:

I have attached two documents from the template course that explain what it is as well as the design alignment with Quality Matters.

Rapid Online Course Design Template QM Standards

Purpose and Design of the Rapid Online Course Design Template

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