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Demo of Screencast-o-matic on a Microsoft Surface

I found myself learning how to use Screencast-o-matic on a Microsoft surface today in order to help a Math Professor with his screencasts this summer. So to maximize my reach of this tip, (and double down wherever I can) I went ahead and recorded a screencast. We are using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in this demo.

I was unsure at first that Screencast-o-matic would continue running when toggling between Desktop and “App” mode on Windows 8, and was pretty excited to see it run seemlessly in full-screen recording mode.

I have a lot of instructors here teaching math, as well as engineers and process technology instructors who want to freehand on diagrams. Prior to this mobile solution, these instructors have been using Wacom tablets (many do not like looking up at a screen while writing down) and some were reserving our physical smart classroom lecture capture rooms and using a large format Doc Cam just get these recordings. The Surface Pros are mobile, full-featured PCs and the pen precision for this is far superior to iPads right now, at an affordable price. Anyone who knows me professionally will get a kick out of this as I am a total Mac Brat.



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  1. Chris Lott Chris Lott

    There are many things I really like about my Surface Pro 3…the hardware is pretty great. But boy does the OS suck. For me, Surface vs iPad is kind of apples and oranges. I wish I could have the Surface form factor with OS X…but then there are those who run Windows on their Macbooks (ouch).

    I was coincidentally, trying out Camtasia on the Surface yesterday and that’s a pretty powerful combination…perhaps the best I’ve seen outside of the very expensive, large-size super Cintiqs…

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