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What is an Instructional Designer Anyway?

I am often asked: What exactly is an Instructional Designer?

My career has been misunderstood by my family (“She works on computers”) and interpreted by my coworkers (“She is the Blackboard Guru”) and praised by the faculty I serve (“She can fix anything”).

One thing is clear: Instructional Designers are important right now– from Higher Education to Corporate eLearning development. This field is growing and the special souls that earn this title, with our diverse skill sets and career backgrounds, are held in high regard by our peers.  The internal groups of Instructional Designers at my own university often play vastly different roles and projects vary greatly from one to the other.

Here is a showcase of what Instructional Designers (can, are, maybe, sometimes) do, using examples from my own work.

In response to the E-Learning Heroes challenge #120, I took the opportunity to create a SlideShare in LinkedIn to update a Google Slides presentation I previously created.

Although I lost hyperlink functionality within the conversion to a SlideShare, I did appreciate the ability to denote Creative Commons license to my share and contribute to the vast community of usable presentations that I have borrowed from previously.

My google pres (with active links to projects) can be found on my DesignEd page.

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  1. HT HT

    Love it! And so often IDs underestimate their own worth. I’m sure there’s more roles like therapist, leader, planner, purchaser, note taker, transcriber, HR advisor, etc

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