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Reflecting on “No Digital Facelifts”

I used Vialogues to comment and react to “No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences” video by Gardner Campbell.

As a process within this tool, I was able to use Vialogues to mark the timestamp to call out the pieces that struck me as I watched the video. I then was able to expand upon the pieces I wanted to reflect upon, by clicking back to the timestamp to listen again.

Others can go in and add to the comments or reply to mine. You can also add short multiple choice/answer polls or quizzes.

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  1. Brook Brook

    Welp, thanks for introducing me to Vialogues! What a great tool and one that I can see being useful going forward. I find my ONID classes have been really great for adding to my tool box! I wish we (institutions) wouldn’t push faculty towards LMS’… I understand that they do have some positive aspects and they’re better than using physical gradebooks, but I find they usually leave such a bad taste in the mouthes of faculty members who aren’t that comfortable with technology, and it really taints their willingness to use more technology in the future. On a similar note, I definitely see value in being a system administrator of my own domain (literally and metaphorically), but I think that terminology can be intimidating. Should we become system administrators and learn that process so it isn’t so daunting? Why does it carry a complicated connotation? Good questions.

    • Sarah Sarah

      I was just discussing this with an (amazing!) anthropology faculty storyteller here at my college. I really am encouraging him to setup a blog site to record his ongoing ventures and stories (hes great with a camera and audio recording already). I found myself explaining why he would want to do that on his own space and manage it instead of using Facebook or anything else. I was stumbling over “system administrator” with him as well and found myself just saying “managing your own space”.

      I will add you comment about “tainting willingness to use more technology” and say that has always been my opinion about the user interface(s) of Windows and their Office products, as a beginning point for people new to technology- oh how I wish they could unlearn and unsee all of that mess!

  2. Jennifer Ingman Jennifer Ingman

    This is a great tool. A lot of the excerpts that you time stamped are the same excerpts that stuck out to me. I just didn’t have a good way of keeping track of them. To respond to your poll Is College “too late” to encourage “Domain of your own”? We have 8-year-olds with blogs. Shouldn’t we start there? What is your vote? I would say both. We should start in elementary school with blogs but I would say for most people the process of narrating, curating, and sharing is going to be the most meaningful in college and so that is where it should really be developed.

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