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  1. Good job…you sound really natural, which I can never seem to!

    Using categories as menu items to effectively create dynamic pages is a great option. Another option, particularly if you want/need to literally have a WordPress Page (to have other content along with the post lists) is to use a page in conjunction with some kind of “list category posts” plugin (lately I’ve been using List Category Posts. Either way, getting control of the Menu features is a key for really customizing one’s site.

    And I’m glad you shared Jetpack. It has so many built-in features that I used to have to enable separate plugins for (and being supported by Automattic, I assume it will be well-coded and stick around for a while)…have you found any other Jetpack modules of particular use?

    • Sarah Sarah

      I activated “additional widgets” and then added a sidebar widget for people to subscribe to my blog via email (could be useful instead of fussing with adding a newsletter service or plugin) There was also one to show recent posts from another WP site, so I tried to add NOUSION, but I think you (as in the blog admin) have to have jetpack installed (or it has to be a site).

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