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Fire Away: Clarity and Waiting Games for Accessibility

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What is the hold-up with DOJ?

What seems to be the hold up with the Department of Justice finalizing Web accessibility standards amendments to ADA? Why are there big announcements and then quiet delays? What is causing the delays? It has been years they have been  releasing proposed amendment statements.

Here is the most recent DOJ rule with an indication there will be an amendment in April 2016. You can see that there have been open comment periods since 2010, however.

Here is a short article from Porter Wright that references some relevant legal cases to catch you up on this issue.

We have been relying on the WGAC standards from 2008. The technology is far surpassing the legalities in this area, as we move onto technologies like mobile applications and eTexts, the “Web” is getting harder to define.

Here is a short article from a Disability law office who was irked when from the delay when the announcement was supposed to come in March 2015.


How would you present Accessibility to Decision-makers?

What are some good resources to present to administration to better understand our legal requirements and ramifications of proactive accessibility design? From my experience, the threat of lawsuit examples seem to be a driving force, and MIT/Harvard recent case couldn’t have come at a better time, the same week I asked for a student worker to help with captioning. I have some resources in my back pocket. Have you seen any recent examples of good (brief) presentations or resources that are out there?

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  1. #2 interests me for obvious reasons (#1 falls into a class of unanswerables that I basically have given up trying to understand). Most importantly, what the EdX case means in terms of precedent is largely unknown and most interpretations predicting the future of such seem to be heavily colored by the lenses of the predicting party (accessibility advocates seeing it as a broad precedent that should lead to sweeping change), others seeing it is as significantly more limited and highly tied to the way an organization positions its services and products.

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