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A Baker’s Dozen to Digital Citizenship: 13 Artifacts to Get you Thinking

What is Digital Citizenship? Are you good Digital Citizen? Are you even a Citizen? What do you mean by digital?

With so many questions out there, here is a baker’s dozen of my favorite items shared by my peers that can help a newcomer get started thinking about Digital Citizenship and some of the surrounding topics.

#1: Digital Citizenship Mind Map

Read Hailey Barger’s original post about her thinking before and after considering DigCit.

#2: Digital Citizenship eBook  for Librarians

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.13.34 PM

Brook Bender’s offers a Digital Citizenship eBook for Librarians. Read her post on her eBook.

#3: Digital Citizenship: Who are you?

Casey Byrne offers this great presentation. Read more in her post.

4. Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.11.17 PM

Dan Ho presents a Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan. Read more on his post.

5. Middle School Video

Brenda Noe offers a 7th Grade Student Activity. Read more on her post.

6. Copyright History

Read more on Alda Norris’s post.

7. Exploring Themes of Digital Citizenship

Kitty Deal’s visualizes one model of DigCit. Read more on her original post.

 8: Digital Citizenship Guide Kit

Digital Citizenship Guide Kit

My own digital citizenship guide kit post. What is in your kit?

9.  Reflection on “No Digital Facelifts”

Jean Heusinkveld reflects on “No Digital Facelifts” by Gardner Campbell.

10. Elementary School Student Presentation

Powered by emaze

Elisha Howard’s original post.

11. Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan

Curtis Rogers’s Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan includes 5 days of coverage with discussion prompts and learning activities.

Curtis also hosts a great Dad blog This Side of the Diaper which you can catch up on his Work out loud post.

12. DigCit for Math Teachers

Jennifer Ingman’s original post on her timeline.

13. Digital Citizenship Graduate Course

UAF’s Chris Lott asks hard questions about Digital Citizenship and encourages uncovering of your own definitions through exploration. Does it even exist as a “thing” or is it more of a posture or style?

Every topic in this class is, basically, a can of worms that I’m doing my best to force you to open. For a while. But, eventually, it all comes back to how we actually work and live in the world and we do our best despite knowing there are unplumbed depths to all of them.

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