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Work Out Loud Together: Emoji Art Collaboration with Google Drawing

Alda and I are collaborating on the Choice assignment and making some Emoji Art using a Google Doc Drawing. We decided this could also be a great chance to “work out loud” using Google’s collaboration features. You can follow Alda’s reflections on her sister “Work out Loud” post.

Using this Google Drawing link, anyone with the link can comment (Insert>Comment) as we are working.

  • Give us feedback
  • Add ideas
  • Share your alternate interpretation of the emoji
  • Learn about collaboration features in Google Docs

You can also “view the comments” as we work in the upper right “comments” button on the Doc.

I wish with the commenting enabled you could “See Revision History” (under “file”) but maybe we can figure out a different method for that.

Here is the published and embedded drawing that should change as we work (the magic of publishing Google Docs!)
*Slight bug: Right now the embedded image is B&W not sure why yet.

Update on bug- still not sure why publishing or printing is making a b/w version:

So here is a screenshot of the most recent version:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.47.47 PM



Working with Emojis in Google Drawing

To add emojis:

Add a text box, then insert>special characters>emojis (also do-able in a Google Doc)

If you wants to know how we are doing anything else in the doc, you can ask on the doc, or comment here on the post.

Reflection of Collaboration & Emoji Art

In working with Emoji Art like this, one of the challenges was working in layers for each text block and arranging front to back. In retrospect, I think others who make crazy good emoji art have them all as an ongoing characters in one long stringing text box. I may be wrong.

Another challenge was, since this seemed like a little bit of a fun project that wouldn’t take very long after we got started, I put it off pretty long after our initial kickoff. The Google Drawing was a great place to collaborate on this, however. I could see how engineers could create collaborative diagrams, we could collaborate on an infographic, and many other ideas.

I would advise anyone working with Emoji art to create a template background first.

It was pretty fun to release a working version during world emoji day on July 17.


5 Elements of Working out Loud


  1. Making your work visible
  2. Making work better
  3. Leading with generosity
  4. Building a social network
  5. Making it all purposeful
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  1. elisha elisha

    Wow! I had no idea you could do that! That could be a great way to advertise something or catch peoples attention.

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