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Who to Follow: Eric Stoller

Eric Stoller
I started following Eric Stoller when I was studying accessibility 5 years ago. He hosted a webinar on Web accessibility and I found his presentation style on the topic thorough, concise and easily understandable for anyone new to the concepts and needs. 

As a former student advisor within student affairs at Oregon State, Stoller’s focus is on student success and support. Other interesting topics (to me) of late are Digital Identity and Higher Education career tips. I find his perspective is both fresh and refreshing amongst my current feed of teacher-to-teacher tech tool tips in which I am a bit flooded. I recently referenced a great article he wrote about Enhancing Student Services with Digital Engagement.

I appreciate that he has ‘done time’ in the system working directly with students at the advisor level. He also has a strong web background and the combo of student-centered/user-centered provides great value to the larger educational technology conversations. 

Currently, Eric Stoller is a the Student Affairs and Technology Blogger for Inside Higher Ed, but it is also an independent consultant. He tweets regularly and travels internationally to present and share his knowledge. 

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  1. Chris Lott Chris Lott

    I’m vaguely familiar with his work. Accessibility is a fascinating and vexing topic that will be front and center in the last segment of the class. I look forward to your thoughts on it as I find it problematic in many ways: the theory vs the practice technologically, the legalities vs the ethics, the reality vs the ideal…

    I’ve bookmarked his webinar to watch later.

    • Sarah Sarah

      ” the theory vs the practice technologically, the legalities vs the ethics, the reality vs the ideal…”

      Yes, all of those things…The good news is most of it makes sense to people doing web work or who know even a little bit about tags and and/or code once they start to dive in.

      Implementation at a proactive level has always been the biggest hurdle. We spend a lot of time in reactive mode fixing content when we get a student request. I look forward to sharing my tips, and challenges as well.

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