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Nousion Tag Team: Research Connections

I have invited Doug Belshaw to followup with Chris Lott on the ongoing, age old “Literacy? Why not Fluency?” Debate. We will see where it goes.

Wing it: Tag Team Assignment, 10 pts

Follow the direction of one of your fellow classmates “Wing It” assignments.

–Yes, I am making the case that by following one of my peers’ assignments, I, in fact, have made a new assignment.

Casey’s B’s “Research Connections” Assignment

Use one of the Collection I Search & Research topics and identify an interesting professional that studies the topic or has a strong interest in it. Follow that person on Twitter and tweet at them requesting to set up a chat. If they agree, ask to record the discussion and share it with the class.

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  1. I sent Doug a direct message back when we were first talking about digital literacy on Twitter…he was traveling for a few weeks. I’m thinking that scheduling something just after everyone has finished with his book and the reflections on it will be ideal. I’m thinking a G+ hangout for those who can make it + a chance to share questions on their blogs that those of us who can be part of the conversation can introduce + a recording would be ideal…

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