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Digital Citizenship Guide Kit

I put together what I am calling a “guide” kit, to exemplify the kinds of things I’d like to include and keep in mind when helping others learn about Digital Citizenship. Most of us are educators or in a teaching/support role. How can we help guide others in their journey? How is our own journey going? How and why are those two journeys related?

I could explain each item, but think leaving it open for interpretation for now sounds fun.

Idea for this expanded upon from (and a bit in respectful contrast to) super teacher/blogger Craig Badura’s Digital Citizenship Survival Kit.

How might you use these items on your Digital Citizenship path?

Digital Citizenship Guide Kit


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  1. Kitty Deal Kitty Deal

    The quarter is for adding your “two cents” to the conversation–but there’s been inflation so now to get your message out there it takes .25!

    • Sarah Sarah

      I love that idea! I was thinking along the lines of “calling someone who cares” but all loosely interpreted of course!

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