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No, I live in Alaska


Its not a true meme until it gets shared around (or was it a meme when I remixed it- I don’t even know anymore) so I put it on my Facebook and see what happens.

Here is the simple Photohop file someone could use to make their own.

I remixed this concept from a friend of a friend’s facebook post meme who lives in Orlando.

orlando meme

I used photos for this I found in this Listverse article about Eskimo (Inuit) fascinating facts  (fair to mention that some Alaskans, in fact, do dwell in igloos) and the second of what I think is Wonder Lake at this website that offers free desktop screensavers.

Exciting update:

This is getting shared a bunch here at “The Alaska Life”:


And here at the “Visit Soldotna” Page:

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  1. Maybe it’s a meme-seed before it takes on a meme-y life of sharing. WWDBS (What Would Doug Belshaw Say? 🙂

    I enjoy the idea and particularly like that you shared a Photoshop file to give people who might want to make one a boost. Of course, the real boost is when you get Kim Kardashian or someone to share it…

  2. Who’s Kim Kardashion? (I don’t get much).

    I reject the idea that getting something widely re-tumbled and tweeted around makes it more valuable. It’s a great concept and executed well. The real questions is- do you like it? Does it make you smie a bit at your own cleverness.

    ______ trying to be popular. Be interesting. To yourself.

  3. Well, it seems your meme-seed is growing! I just saw this meme on my Facebook newsfeed this morning after one of my friends shared it (and four of her friends also shared it after the fact). SO COOL!

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